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I have only been in to make-up for about two years, I have always worn it but never really cared too much about what I was putting on my face. I'm a bit more in to it now, learning loads as I start following more beauty bloggers/vloggers and obviously as I blog beauty for you guys.

Having a lot of sisters means I understand that for the normal gal who wants to wear make up without the complicated-ness of it all (I know that's probably not a word) it can be a bit daunting going in to the beauty section of any store.

When I showed one of my sisters my recently purchased highlighter she said..

"What's this for? Where does it go" then proceeded to put it all on the wrong places of her face. So you know, I get it and I mostly get it because I used to be that girl.

I love a good ol' contour and highlight, but lets be honest;

Everyday? Not viable. Not for me and not for all of my sisters who have jobs, kids etc. and lead busy lives like I'm sure a lot of YOU guys do too.

When we do have that extra time to sit and make our faces look extra fleeky that's epic but for the minimalist, this is for you!

PRIME with Maybelline Baby Skin (£7.99) - This is a lightweight primer which helps reduce the appearance of pores! I dab this all over focusing mainly on my nose area (where my pores are most visible) Then let it set for a few minutes before moving on. I really like this primer but I'm not 100% this primer works well with the Sheer glow foundation.

FOUNDATION: Nars Sheer Glow (£31) - Obviously I have been raving about this in my last post but this is my go to foundation at the moment, just because its super light weight and great coverage at the same time. It leaves the skin looking flawless and glowing. After applying I also let this set in to the skin for a few minutes.

SCULPT & BRONZE with the Makeup Revolution Contour Palette (£8) - For the days I really want minimal make up I use the three brown shades from this palette and apply along my cheek bones, my hairline and under my chin. That's it. Simple.

BLUSH: I have been using the Burberry Rose Blush (£29) this blush is soooooooooo pigmented its unbelievable. You literally only need the tiniest bit on the cheeks. I can't even tell you how much I love this product. Seriously.

FINISH UP with the MUA Eye define mascara and liner. (£3) This is two products in one and great value for money. The mascara is great for an everyday look. its really volumising and does great stuff for my lashes. I'm not too keen on the liner that accompanies it, simply because I'm a liquid liner kinda gal. The liner tends to transfer on to the upper lid too which I'm not ok with.

Kate Moss Finish in Rosetto (48) (£4.99) from Rimmel for the lip! I don't have to tell you how much I'm loving dark lipsticks, you should already know. If you don't? well, you do now. This one in particular is a browny/purple shade which I'm digging. It's a great colour and definitely lasts for hours.

If you could only choose six products what would they be?


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