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Nyx Lip Lingerie

On the 11th of march, boots launched the NYX Lip Lingerie collection online, on the 12th of march I had three awesome shades. I am the biggest fan of NYX cosmetics and have been anticipating the UK launch of these lush nude matte shades.

There are about 12 shades in the collection ranging from pinky purply to beigy browns, there is definitely something for everyone in this, but don't let the arm swatches fool you, these look so much better on the lips.

I picked up Embellishment, Bedtime flirt and Push up - Swatches below (lovestruck eyes)

NYX Lip lingerie Swatches

Nyx lip lingeire

The formula is rich and silky and a little bit definitely goes a long way. It has a great pigment and you only need to apply once for a great colour, not to mention the staying power is AH-MAZING, it literally does not budge for hours.

Most matte lipsticks I have used previously have felt quite heavy on my lips and really drying. Like, super drying BUT these lip lingerie's are completely opposite.

The formula is not thick and heavy and what drying effect? NYX have matte lipsticks down to a T. There is not a brand I know that does it better.

The applicator is pretty much perfect, it doesn't hold too much product which means it doesn't get messy, it doesn't go all over your face or get on your teeth, which is always helpful.

To remove your lip lingerie I'd suggest using coconut oil or something oil based, otherwise it's a task. Ya'know?

NYX Lip lingerie

The boots website have coloured icons to help you pick shades but I don't think this is very helpful, neither is going by arm swatches because how they looked on my arm was completely different to how they looked on my lips.

I'd say if you are unsure about what shades to get look at lip swatches on someone with a similar skin tone, and you will get a better idea about which shades to choose.

The NYX Lip Lingerie lipsticks come in at £6.50 (Bargain) and are only available at

Which shades will you be picking up?

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