Breakfast with Farfetch at The Modern Pantry


Breakfast with Farfetch at the modern pantry
The modern pantry - Bonita Rochelle

Guys. I am ever so grateful any time ANY brand approaches me to work. It's taken me a lot of effort and constant learning to get my space where I want it to be and I feel like having brands approach me now and express there interest in working with me is just so humbling and a massive example of hard work paying off.

Farfetch chucked me an email a couple weeks ago and asked me to come down to the bloggers breakfast they were hosting at this cute little spot in Farringdon called The Modern Pantry.

Naturally, I rocked up super casual to a quirky little building I pass all the time but never really take much notice of. Inside there a three stories full of dining space, I made it up about four flights of stairs and arrived in a lovely little private room where I met ScarlettPreetiIvy and Laurren.

We nattered over coffee, juice, beautiful poached eggs, avocado and toast *Dreamy* about every thing from body confidence to blogging cliques.

The modern pantry, Clerkenwell is one you have to try. 

farfetch at the modern pantry

Farfetch is a global community of over 400 visionary fashion boutiques offering an inspirational shopping experience to fashion forward consumers.

Each boutique is carefully selected and located everywhere from Paris, New York & Milan all brought together by one website.

I ordered a cheeky MK Bag and it was delivered from Poland straight to my front door within a week, and by UPS who have the best service ever. 

Breakfast with Farfetch at the modern pantry

The Modern Pantry - Bonita Rochelle
Eggs Avocado & Toast
The modern pantry - Bonita Rochelle

I really enjoyed sitting down with a bunch of like minded individuals, I learnt so much about fashion blogging and whilst I felt like the newbie blogger of the bunch I didn't feel awkward and usually you find a lot of bloggers that have a massive following super up their own ass.

Excuse my French.

I look forward to working with Farfetch in the near future and i'll be showing you my bag very soon so watch this space. 

They have so many beautiful designer pieces in sale right now so why not go check them out and there's a cheeky discount code on my twitter.

Grab yourself a bargain here..

Have you bought anything from Farfetch before?

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