Get Holiday Ready


If you're planning a trip away real soon or you've been away recently you'd know that as women (or men) we love to look and feel our best especially in swimwear. 

I wrote a post about boosting body confidence here, and this is somewhat the holiday edition. 

I definitely think how you prepare your body for your holiday will give you a much needed confidence boost if you need it. 

Hair removal 

We all want super soft silky skin when baring all, I use the Wilkinson razor with the Veet shaving cream to maximise hair removal. You can get smaller razors for your bikini line so you can be confident in your costume. 


Exfoliating is important in general but we don't always have time to do it. Frank body scrub is life, it helps improve appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and uneven skin tone. It's a coffee based body scrub and I don't really know why I haven't tried it before. The first time I used it my skin felt so soft, it's defining helped reduce appearance of stretch marks over time and I'm so in love with natural products that I'll definitely be repurchasing. 

Fake tan

Even though I'm going on holiday and will be getting my tan on I like to fake tan my legs before I go so I'm not looking super pale when I do get my legs out abroad. 
I feel like fake tan definitely improves appearance of the skin and always helps me boost my confidence when I'm feeling a bit crap, because we all have those days. I use the Bondi Sands Tanning Mousse in Dark. 


Coconut oil was made by angels in heaven and sent down to us. I'm telling you. It's that great. Once I've finished all the above steps I moisturise my whole body with pure unrefined coconut oil, I'm trying to switch all my cosmetics to natural products because it's simply better for the skin. 
A lot of the products we use have tons of toxins and can eventually be harmful if we keep feeding these products in to our bloodstream. Going sulphate and leaven free is a good start. 

I am currently in Morocco and this was and will forever be my pre-holiday ritual. What do you do to prepare before you go on holiday? 

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