Autumn Wardrobe Transition | Wishlist


That awkward period between Summer and Autumn where the weather can not make up its mind and its raining but it is also very warm outside so... WHAT DO I WEAR? 

Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year in terms of fashion. High neck jumpers and long line jackets are definitely my thing, but transitioning my wardrobe from Summer to Autumn is literally the most annoying part of my year. Lol!

I have been tempted to just haul the f*ck out of ASOS but I am trying to buy more key pieces and be a bit more thoughtful about the additions I make to my wardrobe.

I have also found an amazing website that tells me about ALL THE SALES! 

I spent some time on Love The Sales recently and found some major pieces of clothing that I need in my life, they are also ALL on sale. I feel like this is the best thing that can happen to a gal.

So my shopping habits have changed, instead of impulse buying I am now selecting key, quality pieces to add to my wardrobe and instead of just buying it straight off the website I now shop through Love The Sales and get more for my money every time.

Here are some new additions to my AW Wardrobe. 

This post was made in collaboration with Love The Sales* 

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