How I Manage My Full Time Job, Blogging & My Side Hustles


When I sat down to plan this month's content the first thing I thought was...

'How am I going to make content that is helpful for people like me?' 

Some of the clients I work with often talk about how they never have time to create content consistently, promote across social as well as a blog admin, life, and a full-time job. I get it! I really do because I currently have a full-time job, a blog, my social media consultancy business, Adzvice and a home and husband to care for. 

Sometimes I wonder how the hell I do it all and still have time to live a fulfilling life. I won't lie, sacrifices have been made. Especially my time on the weekends when I usually have my working sessions with clients. I do wonder why I do it all sometimes, but I want to earn a good living and make sure I have a stable future. We all have our reasons as to why we do things, if you are passionate about yours enough you will make it work.

Passion isn't the only thing that forces me to manage my time though. I proactively think about what it is I need to do, how much time I have to do it and I never say yes to anything that I know I won't be able to make time for, this often means turning away clients (money) but I would rather know that I have the time to do a great job for my client instead of rushing a job or not putting enough into it. 

Ultimately it is my reputation that is on the line.

Bonita Rochelle Samuels - Managing time

So, how do I manage my time?

Where would I actually be if I didn't put a process in place for everything I did. Writing content? I have a blogging process, Onboarding a client? I have an onboarding and an off-boarding process, with my 9-5 I have a ritual I complete every Monday and Friday to prepare myself for the week ahead.

Without processes, you spend too much time wondering what you need to do next. If you have a process in place for all your important tasks it takes away the brain power of having to think... what's next. If there is something you do often, for example; Blogging. I would definitely recommend putting a process in place so you remain consistent and life becomes generally, easier.

Saying no
I understand that it is hard to say no, especially when there is money involved. I recently turned away a potential client because I knew I wouldn't have the time to do the job to the highest quality. It is tempting to say yes to everything, but it is important to remember that your reputation is on the line. Only say yes if you know that you can fulfill the job without having to sacrifice quality.

Word of mouth and testimonies is what will get your clients through the door.

Keep a diary 
I have bought many diaries over the years but only recently have I realised how important it is to keep a diary, keep it updated and refer to it before making plans with people.

'Let me check my diary' was something I used to say when I was trying to pretend to be busy. Now I'm actually busy and a diary is a necessity for me.

I keep a physical diary because I am a pen and paper type of gal but I also document any dates in my iPhone because who wants to pull out a big ol' diary every time someone asks what are you doing on Saturday?

If this then that has been a lifesaver in terms of automation. I always try and automate as many things a possible in my life. The less time I spend on the little things is the more time I have to focus on the more important tasks.

If this then that is an automation programme that allows you to create recipes for many different things. For example, whenever I receive a booking through Calendly, IFTTT automatically adds it to my google calendar.

I would recommend this to everyone because you will find a recipe that will save you so much time. You can even create your own.

Remember the why
It is EASY to get down, think you are shit, think that what you are doing isn't worth the work but remembering why you started this journey is key to motivating yourself to keep pushing when things get a bit shit. Keep a journal or something physical you can look back on and see how far you have come. This doesn't just apply to work, it can apply to your personal life too.

Always remember why you started.

How do you manage your time?

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