Marrakech, Morocco


After our wedding, we decided to book a last minute trip to Marrakech, Morocco.
We hadn’t planned to go anywhere and was going to honeymoon later in the year but thought it was the perfect time to get away and relax before going back to work.

Why Morocco?

We visited Tangier just over a year ago for our friend’s wedding but have never been to Marrakech.
My blogger friend Zeena Xeena was in Marrakech just before we went and she really influenced my decision because obviously, she makes everything look amazing.

She has documented a couple of different trips to Morocco and I thought there was enough for us to keep busy and the Riad we stayed in was peaceful and relaxing. Win, Win!

It was also within our budget and the weather was reasonable for the time of year.

Where We Stayed & What We Did.

It is low season during this time of the year so the hotels were so cheap!

We decided to stay at Riad Da Alfarah which is situated in the old town of Marrakech. I find Riads really lovely and homely and with less hustle and bustle of a hotel.

The staff there were amazing, so friendly, helpful and welcoming. I told them we were coming for our honeymoon and they made the room so cute for us.

This Riad is situated near the Kasbah and there is a real mix of tourists and locals, one thing that really bothered us was the locals are quite…. Annoying at times lol.

We were harassed on our first day, people trying to show us around for money, kids begging for money and all the rest.

We wanted to be left alone and so going out gave us a little anxiety.

We visited Majorelle Gardens which was so beautiful. This costs 100 MAD which is around £8 for access to the gardens and the museum. If you can make it I would definitely suggest going.

The gardens were opened by artist, Jaques Majorelle and were restored by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge after his death. This garden is literally, Paradise.

There are thousands of different plants from around the world, a museum dedicated to the Berber culture and a café for when you get a bit peckish.

The gardens were the highlight of our trip.

For the most part of our trip, we walked around the old town, visited the main square and ate some good food.

If you visit Marrakech definitely consider quad biking and camel riding in the desert. This costs about £50pp and can usually be organised by your hotel/riad.

Tips for first timers

  • Get your MAD in Morocco. The exchange rate is quite good. We stayed for four days and changed £200 which gave us over 2000 MAD. We came home with change too

  • Haggle! With everyone. If you want to buy at the markets make sure you haggle. The locals can spot a tourist from a mile away and will up the prices of everything. Don’t get mugged off.

  • Agree on taxi fares before getting into the cab. On the way to the YSL gardens the Cabbie told us 100 MAD, luckily the manager at our hotel told us not pay more than 30 MAD. We told him our price and that’s what we paid.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Tell me what you love about Morocco in the comments. 

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