5 Tips To Nail Your Wedding Guest/Prom Outfit.


Ah, I have been such a BUSY BEE. Blogging has taken a back seat but what I have definitely made time for is shooting content. I will most certainly be working with Nimat (an amazing content creator) on an ongoing basis and I will be bringing you all the banging photo's of me pretending I am in ANTM. *clicks finger*

Wedding and Prom season is definitely upon us and I have a few weddings to go to this year plus I am planning my own white wedding.

Picking an occasion dress can be difficult, you want to look amazing but don't want to be overdressed or look like the extra bridesmaid. Plus, when you have so many weddings and events to attend you don't want to break the bank so when I tell you this dress is PERFECT, I mean it.

There are a few things to consider when buying an outfit for a wedding or your Prom because these outfits are really important and nobody wants to look back on photos cringing with embarrassment.

I did and still do when I look at my prom dress. Horrendous. Thanks, mum!

1. You really don't have to break the bank or splash the cash. *insert appropriate GIF here* Boohoo have an amazing range of occasion dresses, including the one I am wearing in these photos. I couldn't believe it as I browsed this section of dresses, I could have easily ordered 2 or 3 of these dresses and still would have had money left over to live my best life.

2. Find a dress you feel confident and comfortable in. There is nothing worse than walking around all day hoping that your dress doesn't fall down, is too short, that you don't trip or have fear of NIP SLIP. Not fun, try it on a few times before your big event and make sure you are completely happy with it.

3. If you aren't completely happy either return it or get it tailored! A bad fit doesn't mean it is a no-go, there are plenty of places you can take your dress to get it altered and make it fit like a glove. Then you don't have to worry about all of the above.

4. Whatever you do, wear an appropriate heel. Have I ever told you about the time I nearly fell backward walking down the stairs at a wedding? No one probably remembers but I do and I shudder every time. I suck at walking in heels so a nice neat block heel will always be a win for me. Find something that fits well and compliments your outfit, most importantly something you can walk around in all day.

5. Lastly, accessories will make or break an outfit. For this dress, I wore my Rose Quartz crystal necklace, a gold bag and matching gold shoes. Anything else would have taken away from the amazing detail of this dress.

What are your top tips for nailing a wedding/prom outfit? 

*This dress was sent to me by Boohoo, all opinions are my own. This is not a paid post.

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