8 Years A Muslim, My Revert Story.


I don't really know how many people are aware I am a Muslim. When I do let people know there is always a reaction of shock mainly because I am West Indian and Often the question that follows is whether I decided to revert because of my (now) husband. Lol, no babes. As if. 

I guess a lot of the influence came from my education years, my secondary school was populated with a majority of Bangladeshi and Pakistani, Muslim girls and as expected many of my friends were Muslim but this wasn't the deciding factor because I was a real avid church attendee. 

The turning point came when I lost my brother, I was 16 just doing my GCSE's, lord knows how I manage to get through those and get out with decent grades. I digress.

At this point, I was still going to church but I stopped feeling anything and naturally, after a while I stopped going. My best friend at the time was actually living in a house where her Mum was Christian and her Dad was Muslim, I specifically remember reading her English version of the Quran and it just making so much sense to me, I asked if I could take it home.

From that day I delved into learning about Islam, I had so many supportive people around me who gave me books and things to read to widen my knowledge. During college, I decided to start practicing, I gave up Pork, I didn't drink and I started trying my hand at fasting during Ramadan. This isn't what makes a Muslim (before people come for me) but these were the big things I changed to prepare myself.

College gave me a blessing named Faiza, we were in the same classes and eight years ago now she asked me whether I wanted to take my Shahada. The first and one of the most important pillars of Islam. The declaration of faith.

I think I was a little bit apprehensive at first, it is a big deal to make the decision to change my lifestyle plus what would my predominantly Christian family think? Nevertheless, Faiza's dad helped me declare my faith and I took my Shahada. The feeling was unreal, I can only describe it as instantly feel clean and reborn. You have to experience it to know what I mean. It was definitely one of the best days of my life.

So, here I am eight years on. I have heard so many stories of families not supporting their kids when reverting to Islam and I am lucky to say I am blessed to have the family I do. They were really happy for me. I am not perfect and I certainly don't always practice as hard as I should but I am most definitely a Muslim and working towards constantly bettering myself and my deen every day.

I've been a revert for eight years now so I'm not new to Islam but I have and continue to face some issues around my identity as a black Muslim woman, maybe these issues I will talk about in another post but if you are a revert and are reading this I would definitely love to hear about your experiences.

I wasn't ever going to share this story online but being Muslim is part of who I am as a person and I think it's time I start talking about it more. I just hate the fact that now this is out there people are going to expect me to be this pious person, but I'm not perfect. So, don't judge me.

I would love to know your thoughts on this post. 

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