Weekly Letter: How To Be More Productive With Your Blog & Biz

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For many of us, our 9-5's just aren't enough, whether you want another income stream or just a creative outlet, there is usually some sort of passion project taking up a lot of our time. 

Working on our passion projects full time isn't a luxury we all have access too and this means our to-do list can build up to the point where we avoid going anywhere near it which often leads to procrastination. I know this is an issue because I work with bloggers and business owners who constantly tell me that time is an issue or that they don't know where to start when it comes to creating. 

Productivity is important, getting a lot done in a short space of time is something we can all benefit from, especially when working on our side hustles. 

I have found some amazing content on the interweb to help you get productive!

I recently discovered Violeta's blog, it is quite amazing. In this post, she breaks down how she went from procrastination to distraction to productive and getting shit done. Here she gives you 3 easy steps to start getting shit done. 

Lauren from Elle & Co is literally one of my favourite content creators. All of her content is super helpful but here Lauren gives you 5 ways to boost productivity. Creating a workflow is my favourite tip of all time, it is important to put processes in place. It has been the only way I have been able to become consistent with my blog. Read the full post here.  

Tools are also an important part of the job. Whether it is your favourite planner or your favourite pen it is paramount to have the tools in order to get the job done. Amber from Space On Third gives you a list of her daily tools which help her stay productive. 

So, you may be struggling with productivity now but I have just dropped some gems that should help you out with that. 

What are your top tips for being productive?