In 2018 I Hope To..

2018 GOALS

I know everyone thinks it is super cliche to create resolutions for the new year but there is something special about having a brand new year to start fresh and do something spectacular. 

Every year in December I like to take the time to reflect on the months that have gone by and think about what I want to achieve in the year ahead. Writing my goals down is like manifestation for me, I refer back to them every so often and make sure I am taking actionable steps to achieve them. This is just something I do all the time and it is important for me to make progress in life and achieve things that will benefit me in the future. 

All my goals are written down and broken down into career, financial and general life sections but some of them are a bit personal to share on my blog so I decided to write this post instead. 

In 2018 I hope too

  1. Have my Nikkah ceremony
  2. Start planning my white wedding 
  3. Get a promotion 
  4. Save a substantial amount of money towards a home deposit 
  5. Travel to some amazing countries 
  6. Get active 
  7. Go Vegan
  8. Conquer my fear of public speaking
  9. Create amazing content for Adzvice
  10. Take 'Make Your Mark' to the next level.

I am getting married in January and I hope to have my white wedding abroad, that is a priority for me in 2018. I have excelled in my 9-5 and I am in talks about a promotion in the new year, I hope that is something I will bag and continue to build in my current company. 

Get active and go vegan are both on my list because I really take my health seriously. In 2018 I want to have a consistent workout schedule and I want to hopefully, go vegan. If I fail to do that then I will not be eating meat by the time the year is out. 

So, what is on your list for 2018?