I send my resource letter out once a month. Simply because the inbox is a sacred place and I am so aware of how annoying it can be when you are constantly being bombarded with emails from bloggers.

I often unsubscribe from people if I find them in my inbox too much.  

Each letter is personal and will always contain one big life lesson, as an entrepreneur, blogger and career girl I am striving to be the master of my craft(s). I'm learning so much as I go along and I think it is important to share my lessons learned with you all. 

Secondly, you can also expect a little section called #WorthReading. It is filled with amazing, useful, inspiring blog posts/online content that will help you solve a problem or help you make your mark. 

Lastly, my newsletter is a place to connect with me 1-to-1. You have opened your inboxes to me and in return I have done the same. 

Feel free to drop me an email at any time about anything.