I created this little space so I can help you create a business + life you love on your own terms. I’m all about doing things honestly and being as straightforward with you as possible, so here’s what you need to know about hanging out with me on this site and working with me.


I’m happy for you to share my work, no permission needed. I simply ask that you follow these guidelines:

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I love helping you on your journey, which means sometimes I’ll share a course, service, or product with you that I think can help you in some way. You can trust that I only share items that I truly believe in and have actually used myself. Some of these items I’m an affiliate for and some I am not.

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We’re all human, and so mistakes happen. I make no guarantees that the information presented on this site or in my products will always be up to date and error-free. My work and advice comes from my personal experience, so your results may vary.


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